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Faculty Board

It is the highest body which is responsible for taking major academic decisions to maintain the quality of different programs and is under the guidance of Academic Council of University. The Dean of IOM chairs it.

Role and responsibilities
a. To launch, modify a new academic or research program, or to merge or cancel an existing program of an institute or an affiliated campus.
b. To launch, modify, unify or shift the venue or cancel an existing institute or a branch college.
c. To determine the pattern of entrance examination of students on the basis of minimum qualification endorsed by the Academic Council.
d. To determine the baseline qualification for the admission in a given program.
e. To recommend the Examination Board to identify the modalities of exams of different academic activities and their periodic modifications.
f. To introduce, modify or cancel the existing honorary degree.
g. To nominate individuals who have done major contribution in the field of science and technology, education or national development, or achieved outstanding qualifications or appreciable positions for the awards.
h. To give affiliation to private campuses/ institutes with the University after the identification of certain programs that can be run by them and also decide the number of students’ intake.
i. To develop, implement and periodically amend the existing curriculum.
j. To determine, inspect and evaluate the existing infrastructure, facilities and teaching staff required to run the academic programs by branch campuses.
k. To instruct and guide the subject committee.

Members of the Faculty Board



1. Prof. Dr. Dibya Singh Shah Chairman
2. Prof. Dr. Benu Lohani Member
3. Prof. Dr. Ishwor Lohani Member
4. Prof. Dr. Nirju Ranjit Member
5. Dr. Bijay Kumar Sharma Member
6. Prof. Dr. Sagun Narayan Joshi Member
7. Prof. Dr. Dwarika Shrestha Member
8. Prof. Takma K.C. Member
9. Prof. Sujana Mukhiya Member
10. Prof. Muna Rana Member
11. Dr. Raj Kishore Shah Member
12. Dr. Pramod Bhatt Member
13. Prof. Dr. Bhagwan Koirala Member
14. Prof. Dr. Sudha Basnet Member
15. Prof. Dr. Keshang Diki Bhatso Bist Member
16. Prof. Dr. Suvash Prasad Acharya Member
17. Dr. Krishna K.C. Member
18. Dr. Mrigendra Bahadur Karki, Executive Director, CNAS, Kritipur Member
19. Mr. Pusparaj Joshi, Exam Controller, Office of the Examination Balkhu Member
20. Prof. Dr. Parasnath Yadav, Executive Director, CDC, Kirtipur Member
21. Prof. Dr. Arjun Prasad Lamichane, Campus Chief, MMC, Maharajgunj Member
22. Prof. Muna Rana, Campus Chief, MNC, Maharajgunj Member
23. Prof. Dr. Surendra Man Shrestha, Principal, PDCH, Kathmandu Member
24. Prof. Dr. Mamata Tiwari, Principal, CMC, Bharatpur Member
25. Prof. Dr. Balman Singh Karki, Principal, KIST, Kathmandu Member
26. Prof. Dr. Dhruv Kumar Gautam, Chief, Planning Directorate, TU Kirtipur Member
27. Prof. Dr. Rajendra Koju, Dean, KU School of Medical Sciences Dhulikhel Member
28. Chief, Policy Planning and Monitoring Division, MoHP Member
29. Joint Secretary, Planning and Monitoring Division, MoE Member
30. Director, NMC Bansbari Member
31. Director, NNC Bansbari Member
32. Prof. Dr. Prem Raj Gyawali, Asst. Dean, Academic Member Secretary


Faculty Board Standing Committee

1. Prof. Dr. Dibya Singh Shah, Dean, Institute of Medicine Maharajgung
2. Prof. Dr. Ishwor Lohani, Maharajgung Medical Campus, Maharajgung
3. Prof. Dr. Dwarika Prasad Shrestha, Maharajgung Medical Campus, Maharajgung
4. Prof. Takma K.C., Maharajgung Nursing Campus, Maharajgung
5. Prof. Dr. Nirju Ranjit, Maharajgung Medical Campus, Maharajgung
6. Dr. Bijay Kumar Sharma, Maharajgung Medical Campus, Maharajgung
7. Prof. Dr. Arjun Prasad Lamichhane, Campus Chief, Maharajgung Medical Campus, Maharajgung
8. Prof. Muna Rana, Campus Chief, Maharajgung Nursing Campus, Maharajgung
9. Asso. Prof. Dr Shiva Mangal Prasad Campus Chief Ayurved Campus, Kirtipur.
10. Prof. Dr. Prem Raj Gyawali, Asst. Dean, Academic