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Implementation Committee

Role and responsibilities
a. To finalize extra fees apart from different fees given by the executive council.
b. To establish and utilize mobilization fund for different development projects.
c. To receive donations and funds from national and international organizations.
d. To deposit 30% of the earnings (overhead) from the research, consultations, trainings and other services in the account of the University and to create a separate fund from the rest of it, and grant a budget from Management and Development Council to utilize the fund.
e. To give permission to purchase, construct, print, maintain and service within the limits the given budget.
f. To fulfill the vacant posts permanently to give permission for the advertisement of vacant post and inform the executive council.
g. To transfer the vacant post from one department to another of the same institute without creating any extra financial liability.
h. To create posts for teachers and employees.
i. To create temporary posts from internal resources for a maximum period of two years and cancel unnecessary posts if present.
j. To employ visiting professors and associate professors.
k. To evaluate the employees during the probation period.
l. To reward and punish teachers and employees according to the rules and regulations.
m. To create a provision of scholarships for students from internal resources.


Members of Implementation Committee


1. Prof. Dr. Dibya Singh Shah, Dean


2. Prof. Dr. Arjun Prasad Lamichhane, Campus Chief, MMC
3. Prof. Dr. Uttam Krishna Shrestha, MMC
4. Prof. Dr. Suvash Prasad Acharya, MMC

Member Secretary

5. Prof. Takma KC, Asst. Dean (Administration)