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IOM Golden Jubilee Souvenir

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IOM Golden Jubilee Souvenir


Prof. Dr. Ishwar Lohani


Tribhuvan University, Institute of Medicine is celebrating its 50th year as Golden Jubilee Celebrations with pomp and grandeur. Established with a very modest beginning of producing basic level healthcare manpower in the country in 2029 BS, it has taken this long time to reach this milestone where it is today. We must take this opportunity to thank and felicitate our founding members who have put all of their sweat, blood and lots of glial tissue to bring this institute into being. Their foresightedness has to a certain extent created an environment for producing the healthcare manpower in the country thus decreasing dependence on foreign training. The very existence of this institute is a testimony of the vision, dedication and

commitment our founding members had. I am sure it churns up nostalgic feelings and fills your heart with a sense of pride, satisfaction and achievement when you hear the name IOM. We must not forget the past but look back and reminisce how we began and what we have achieved and how far we have to go. Development of an institute is a continuous process and is never ending. We cannot relax and bask in the glory of our past but need to strive hard and excel more for quality and service.

Our graduates around the world have bought accolades and laurels to the institute. The importance of an institute is realized when one graduates and goes out to work alone. Institute of Medicine has been the temple of learning and a perennial fountain of knowledge. Those who have graduated and graduating will always revere this institute lifelong for what they have gained during their training period in this sacred place.
Now for more than a decade the institute has been producing super specialty manpower in the country to suit our needs. An MOU with the Ministry of Health and Population, Institute of Medicine and Regional Hospitals was recently signed to provide super specialty care to the

patients at their doorstep. This will provide a guarantee that the service will continue as we have doctors graduating every year.
It’s a daunting task for IOM to manage seven constituent campuses, 15 affiliate campuses and six hospitals under the belt. The present leadership is very able to create harmony, conducive environment and cooperation among all the campuses and hospitals.

The editorial committee has been working hard to collect matter regarding the institute so that this souvenir will be record and a monument for future reference. This will be a mirror to reflect the past, enlighten the present and show the path for future. The editorial committee would like to express our gratitude to the main committee for giving us this onus of editing the souvenir. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the committee members for their

support and help.
At the end this is the time to fill our hearts with joy and enjoy the moment. We from the editorial committee would like to express our congratulations to all our members of IOM for this Golden Jubilee Celebrations. Let us pledge to carry this IOM torch to higher echelons.

Thank you.

Institute Of Medicine Golden Jubilee Souvenir

From the Editor’s Desk

Prof. Dr. Ishwar Lohani